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Cat Sitting

Why choose a cat sitter?

Choosing to hire a cat sitter rather than make that uncomfortable drive to a cat boarding facility has many benefits, not only for the cat, but also their humans. Here are just a few benefits. 

  • cats are significantly less stressed because they're in their own comfortable space, with their own smells and napping spots

  • your cat can keep their routine intact

  • your cat won't be exposed to contagious illnesses 

  • a pet sitter can ease your worries by giving you daily updates with pictures & videos 

As a cat sitter we will

  • visit your cat for 30-60 mins up to 2 visits daily (during this time, we will be giving your kitty our full attention)

  • stay overnight upon request

  • keep your cat healthy and satisfied by providing regular brushing, exercise, and play

  • administer medications, subcutaneous fluids or injections

  • regular litter box cleaning

  • keep your home tidy and appear lived in by watering the plants, bringing in the mail, taking the sanitary bins to the curb for pick up, cleaning your cat's water and food bowls, and adjusting the house temperature to best suit your cat's comfort

  • regular check-ins through email, texts, or personalized notes left at your house

  • work major holidays and weekends

Rates and fees

Free 30 minute Meet & Greet

Visits (up to 2 visits a day)

$35 for 30 minutes

$40 for 60 minutes

*additional $5 charge for key pick up/drop off. A lockbox for your key is always appreciated. 

*Major Holiday's only-$15 extra in addition to the regular rates

*Please note there's an extra charge of $4 for every mile exceeding 10 miles.


$75 per night 

East Bay Cat Sitter

         My kitty Cory Matthews 

East Bay Cat Sitting

Luna (I fostered Luna and her 3 siblings before going to their permanent in 2016)

  • once you have experienced what it's like to have a professional dog sitter come to your home and look after your best friend, you will never have to feel guilty for leaving them at home during long work days or vacations!

  • your dog will be able to follow his/or strict diet and exercise routine

  • you will be eliminating the stress that can come from excessive barking at a dog boarding facility

  • eliminate the risk of contagious illnesses

  • your dog will receive special attention and love around the clock

As a dog sitter we will

  • visit your dog for 30-60 minutes up to 2 visits (this is for folks who don't need overnight care).

  • keep your dog satisfied by brushing, bathing, playing, and providing them with regular exercise

  • stay overnight by request

  • stick to their strict diet routine

  • administer medications, subcutaneous fluids and injections

  • keep your house tidy and appear lived in by bringing in the mail, watering the plants, cleaning the dog's water and food bowls, adjusting the temperature of the house to make your dog feel comfortable, and taking the sanitary bins to the curb

  • provide updates and check-ins with photos 

Rates and Fees

Free 30 minute Meet and Greet

Visits (up to 2 visits a day)

$35 for 30 mins

$40 for 60 mins

Overnights at Owners home -$75

Boarding at Sitters home -$65 *Please note there's a weight limit of 30lbs*

*Rate for overnight at owners home applies to households with up to 2 Dogs (there's an additional $5 added for each additional dog exceeding 2)

*additional $4 charge for every mile exceeding 10 miles

*additional $5 charge for key drop off/pick up. A lockbox for your key is appreciated

Major holiday's only-$15 extra in addition to regular rates

East Bay Dog Sitter

         Faith (my client) and I

East Bay Dog Sitting

        Sawyer (my client) and I


Why choose a sitter over boarding?

Dog Sitting

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I understand that your dogs are family and it's my mission to keep them safe, healthy and calm. I provide private walks (based on walker availability) and group walks. Private walks are best for those who are elderly, for those who aren't comfortable in social settings or have behavioral issues. Group walks are our top priority because they provide optimal exercise, give dogs a chance to build their social skills and allow them to make friends! During theses walks I will use basic commands (sit, heel, stay, leave it) and can implement/practice other commands upon request. Your dog will enjoy hikes, trail walks and all things nature!

For more information please contact me at (708) 351-2863 

Rates and Fees

Private Walks are based on walker availability

$30 for 30 minutes

$40 for 60 minutes 

Group Walks

*Please note that your dog(s) will be out of the house for 1.5-2 hours

Flat Rate: $40

Berkeley Dog Walking
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