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"Rebecca was very responsive, responsible, clearly communicated. She loved our doggies like they were her own and they loved her!" -Winn Burdan (Mommy to Gg and Sawyer in Oakland)

"Rebecca is one of the few people I trust to walk my dog, Faith. Faith is a Cane Corso and weighs about 90 lbs and looks a bit intimidating  to other people. She is really quite harmless but she seems to think everyone she encounters should have a hug! I have had dog walkers in the past but they had a hard time getting Faith's energy under control. Rebecca and Faith have a great relationship and Faith follows her commands with ease, which is why I feel stress free because I know Faith is under excellent care! Thank you so much Rebecca, you are heaven sent!"

-Laura Arrondano ( Mommy to Faith in Berkeley) 

"Rebecca is an unusually wise, compassionate skillful person, whose dedication to animals is genuine and deep. She is on our board of directors (Bee Holistic Cat Rescue and Care) and has taught me a lot. Rebecca thinks for herself, does her homework, and pays attention to the individual needs of each animal, knowing that they are complex beings and respecting them as such. Your loved ones will be in the best possible hand with Rebecca!"

-Cynthia Burke (Founder & Owner of Bee Holistic Cat Rescue and Care in Richmond)

"I have had many cat sitters, but Rebecca is the best. She's amazing. She has a special bond with my cat, and my cat will do things for her that she will not do for me-such as accept a pill. I have peace of mind when I go away because I know my cat is being loved, engaged, and her needs are being met. My cat is quite sick, and Rebecca finds ways to help my kitty that I hadn't even thought of. She is quite friendly and a good communicator, giving me reports and pictures. She has a magical way with cats."

-Joanne Davis (Mommy to Schmoopy in Berkeley)

 "Rebecca is kind, loving, responsible, and her positivity surrounds her and everyone in her midst. She just oozes with warmth and affection, and I'm pretty sure she was born to do exactly what she does-take care of the pets we so love! When I read Rebecca's beautiful story, I was more than just a little interested. And when Rebecca first saw Bella (our much loved cat), she immediately sat on the floor and just started loving on our girl. Bella fell in love immediately, and then did I when I saw how content and comfortable Bella and Rebecca were with each other. Rebecca truly is a "dream come true" for our household and she's been able to put me in a total "comfort zone" knowing that she's taking great care of Bella and our home. My husband is thrilled that I'm so thrilled, and could immediately see how grateful I was for finding Rebecca to take care of us as I'm kind of a "nervous nelly" when It comes to caring for Bella and ensuring she and our home are safe and sound!"

-Rhoda Cataleta (Mommy to Bella in El Cerrito) 

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